Updated: November 23, 2014
Belts, Sashes, Shawls, and Dance Tops
India Coin or Bell Belts click here for image
These inexpensive belts can be used in many different ways. Many can be taken apart, or joined together. Shake your belt before wearing to dislodge any loose coins or bells. reattach them with pliers, and if you are missing bells or coins, see my bells & coins section below, i try to keep these in stock.
  bitty bell belt- brass or silver, 36" long $8
  simple bell belt- brass or silver, 36" long $16
  simple "sun" disc belt- brass or silver, 36" long
  large flower coin belt- brass or silver, 36" long $15
  4-row smooth edge coin belt with loops with bells- brass or silver, 36" long $32
  coin belt with coin dangles belt- brass or silver, 36" long $32
  there are more india belts that can be ordered. special orders usually take an extra week if the suppliers have the item in stock.  
Coin or Bead Hip Sashes
These belts are very popular, style and colors change year to year. Contact Aniysa for current selection.
  simple triangle scarf with coins on edges- blue/silver, blue/gold, red/silver, red/gold, purple/silver, purple/gold, black/silver, black/gold $25
  rectangular coin sash- usually 4 or more rows of coins-green/gold, purple/gold, blue/gold, maroon/gold, red lame/gold, black/silver, fushia/gold, blue india print/gold,pink/green india print/gold(?) $38, $40, $45
  triangle with wide row of coins-red/gold-sold
  india tye dye triangle with three rows of coins-silver or gold coins. blue/green w/silver, blue/purple w/silver,blue/purple w/gold, same style solid black/silver, black/gold $30

special bead/coin sashes- 10 line rectangles, fancy bead/coin, fancy triangle.

fancy bead/coin triangle- blk/silver coin, and turq.accent bead ($50)

hanan drop/scallop edge- black/silver, black/gold, orange tye-dye/gold ($40)

velvet- black/gold, black/silver, purple/silver set($40)

hanan triangle -india print fabric- red-orange /gold, green/gold, maroon foil/gold, maroon/gold($40)

shakira style fancy bead/coin- red/gold, turq/silver,purple/gold ($48)

Aniysa Cut Velvet Duster
These "cover-ups" are made out of 2 large cut velvet square fringe scarves.
  turquoise $100
  fuchsia $100
Fringe Shawls with Beads

18$- these scarves have beading at the edge, and have tiny sparkles sewn on. black/gold, black /silver, blue/silver, purple/gold, purple/silver, red/gold, red/silver

20$- these scarves have beading at the edge but the fringe is in tassles.


$18, $20
Cut Velvet Fringe Shawls
Colors in stock are teal and brown triangles. purple, red, and black squares. triangles are $30, squares are $55.
Aniysa Shawls with 12" or 14" Rayon Fringe
Usually made with black lace and liquid lame' the 12" fringe is not as thin and silky as the more expensive 14" fringe. shawls range in price from $25 to $35 depending on time and materials.
Aniysa Dance Tops click here for image
  custom made stretch velvet tops. v neck or scoop. dark fuchsia red, warm purple, green, red, black $25-$30
India Anklets click here for image
India Jewelry can be taken apart quite easily, to fit to the size of your ankle. just as easily it can break too! keep your pliers handy to replace lost bells, coins, and join links.
  bell anklet- brass or silver, 10 �� long $5
  glass bead drop/bell anklet- brass or silver, 10 �� long $8.00
  coin anklet- brass or silver, 11� long $5
  heavy coin & bell anklet- brass or silver $10
  tiny bells with cones- brass or silver $8.00
  3 triangles with tiny bells- brass or silver $8.00
Aniysa Anklets
  coin and bell anklet- brass or silver, india bell anklet w/ serrated coins $10
  slave bracelet for the foot- brass or silver,india 1-ring slave bracelet with a longer end to go around ankle $12
  slave bracelet for the foot with glass bead drops- brass or silver $16
Aniysa Beaded Anklets
These are made by aniysa with various beads, pearls, metal beads, cloisonne beads, cut round beads, and crystals. prices are based on time and materials. custom orders welcome.standard colors in stock include: clear, clear ab, red, red ab, garnet, garnet ab, amethyst, amethyst ab, aqua ab, sapphire, sapphire ab, cobalt, cobalt ab, dark blue iris, purple, purple iris, black, black iris, green, green iris, olive, olive ab, topaz ab, pink ab, and yellow.
  simple anklets $8-$12
  anklets with bells $13.50-$22
  brass or silver, coin $6
Beads, Pailettes, Sequin Trim and Fringe
  bugle beads-purple, orange, turquoise, pink, silver- approx 1 pound bag $26
  bugle beads- black/gold $30
  purple czech rocaille beads $26
  purple japanese rocaille beads $26
  1 �� circle- orange $8.50
  1 �� irid. circles- black, silver, lime green, yellow $10.50
  1 �� circles- gold, black, red, bronze, purple, royal blue, aqua, teal $9.50
  1 �� squares- gold, black, red, orange, purple, royal blue, aqua, teal, green $9.50
  1 �� irid. square- silver, lime green $10.50
  small 2 �� irid. teardrop- yellow, black $9.50
  small 2 �� teardrop- gold, silver, purple, green, orange, red, bronze, aqua $8.50
  large 3 �� teardrop- gold, silver, black, red, green, royal blue, orange, purple $9.50
  large 3 �� irid. teardrop- black, clear, yellow, pink, lime green $10.50
Sequin trim
3� wide elastic sequin trim.
  green, bronze, red, purple $8.50/yd
  irid pink, black/silver $9.00/yd
  maroon/silver $9.50/yd
  12� rayon fringe- flor.yellow, dark green, white, black $10/yd
  14� rayon fringe- gold, black $12/yd
Bells & Coins click here for image
  coins and prices are varied. range from $5-$10
India Coins
  serrated edge coin, �� or 20mm - brass, silver-approx 100 $8
  smooth edge coin, �� or 15mm- brass, silver- approx 100 $6
Egyptian Coins
  silver, brass, 7/8� or 20mm $0.40 ea
  silver, from morocco, hole in center, �� or 12mm $5/bag
  large bells, �� or 7mm- silver, brass, copper $6/approx 100
  small bells, 1/8�or 4mm - silver, brass $3/approx 100
  small cross-cut bells,3/8� or 7mm- brass $6/approx 100
  small cross-cut bells, 3/8� or 7mm- silver $9/approx 100
  medium cross-cut bells, �� or 15mm- brass $8/approx 100
  large cross-cut bells, 3/4� or 20mm- brass $20/approx 100
  large single cut bells, brass $12
Bracelets, Necklaces, and Head Pieces
India Bracelets
  snake arm band- cobra- brass or silver  
  snake arm band- many coils- brass or silver  
  elephant and camel charm bracelet, brass $5

1-ring slave bracelet- brass or silver- $8.00

1-ring slave bracelet- silver/black- $12.75

$8, $12.75
  1-ring slave bracelet w/ glass bead drops-brass or silver $10.00
Aniysa Beaded Bracelets
Prices range from $7.50 and up. I use rocaille beads (cut, square hole, iris etc.), bugle beads (plain, iris, twisted, etc.), cloisonne beads, pearls, czech fire polished faceted round beads, swarovski austrian crystals. price is dependent on time and materials used.current colors are clear, sapphire, green, olive, amethyst, teal, aqua, black, and red.
India Necklaces
  simple bell necklace- brass or silver $10
  simple coin necklace- brass or silver $10
  simple bell and glass drop necklace- brass or silver $15
  4-row coin necklace- brass or silver $12 <out of stock>
  afghani necklace- brass or silver, glass color choice (black, green, red, blue)
  beaded necklaces $10-$25
India Head Pieces
  coin head piece- brass or silver $10
  bell head piece- brass or silver $10
Other Items
  aniysa beaded barrettes $7.50 and up
  toe ring- brass or silver $3
  zill bags $5
  picture frames, blue or maroon silk fabric $15
  dolphin soapstone $20
Cymbals, Canes, and Swords
India Finger Cymbals  
  brass $15
  silver $15
  bamboo canes $7
Swords click here for image
  india sword- velvet case � 36�-bk/silver $50
  india sword- velvet case - 36� - lion head-too sharp/on sale as is- $35
  india sword- leather case- 40� - lion head $65 $50 no case
Rectangle Veils with Lurex Lines
  black/gold & silver, purple/ gold & silver, purple/silver, turquoise/silver,red/multi, black/multi, royal blue/multi,green/multi $30, $35
1/2 Circle Sequin Veils
  black/gold, black/silver, red/gold, purple/gold $50-$60
Silk Veils
  Ii hand dye silk veils, usually 8mm habotai, although different types of silk are available. colors usually in stock are purple and turquoise, other colors available on request.undyed 5mm and 8mm 3yd veils also available $35 dyed, undyed veils:$10-5mm, $12-8mm, $20-flat crepe, $15-8mm black
Class Use Veils
  made out of silkessense or chiffon.these veils are 2 yards (children), 2 3/4 yd, or 3 yd and are rounded into a half-circle.favorite colors that i try to keep in stock are yellow, purple, and turquoise, and black. $12 and up
Videos and Music (Inventory Available upon Request)
Music Cd/Cassettes
Omar Faruk tekbilek
  mystical garden, beyond the sky cd's $20
  the gathering season cassette $10
  rythym of the dance cassette $10
  ahsas cassette $10
  spa goddess cd $16
  veil cd $14
Desert wind
  world dance two cd $18
  kali ma cassette $11
  gaia earth goddess cassette $11
Gypsy Caravan
  caravan rythyms cassette $12
Other Various Artists
  moustafa amar, layaliki cassette $12
  magic of the orient w/hassan abou el seoud cassette $12
  cassette $12
  ancient egypt cassette $12
  eddie kochak, vol 1 and vol 4 cassette $12
  setrak, vol 19 and vol 21 cassette $12
  hanan, bahebak cassette $12
  hamid el shary cassette $12
  hossam ramzy, best of mohammed abdul wahab/zeina cassette $12
  exotic belly dancing,(turkish) cassette $12
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